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Photo Gallery of students from many years ago.

Here are some great photos of Julie's students, equines and the people they own!

Molly and Eve after playing in the water hazard!

Bareback riding on the ponies

Courtney and Alli Oop

Bianca on Melody and Ellie on Joey waiting patiently for their turn in the dressage ring.

Courtney on Nite...what a shine! Courtney knows how to groom to win!

Cindy and Blusie Girl.

Bianca and Melody

Courtney and Alli Oop

Haflinger group & Zorro, we all went on a trail ride!

Group picture of Hilary, Bianca, Courtney and Cindy.

Molly leading Katie on Hawk in their first show!


Becky and Chip learning how to drive in an obstacle.

Blusie Girl during the free walk of her dressage test.

Molly getting a pony ride on Buttercup bareback.

Lilli riding Zorro during a lesson

Molly riding Nite during a lesson

Lindsay and Magic

Amanda, Robin and Ethan with their horses Trooper and Fantasia

Lindsay and Magical Moments

Catherine and Bonnie

Catherine learning to handle the reins for the first time.

Molly and Hawk earned 8's on their first dressage show together.

Doris and Mel earn more blue ribbons.

Courtney and Alli Oop win 2 blues!